FreeBSD-8.0-RC2 problems

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Mon Nov 9 00:41:33 UTC 2009

On Fri, Nov 06, 2009 at 05:33:00PM +0530, Masoom Shaikh wrote:
> Hello,
> Last Saturday I installed 8.0-RC2 from source by compiling on 7.1
> installation. building and installing was smooth as always has been. Then I
> pkg_add'ed xorg and KDE4, this was painless too. I am very disappointed with
> my experience
> problem # 1
> The problem is KDE4 is not able to display anti aliased fonts.

i don't use kde, sorry.

> problem # 2
> I observed that both FreeBSD8.0-RC1 and FreeBSD8.0-RC2, simply freeze due to
> no reason. The pain is I don't get a core dump. When it freezes the only
> option is to hard boot by reseting the power. This might need more
> information to guess the cause. I will give basic info. This is Dell
> Inspiron 1525 Laptop, with Intel Core2. My suspect mostly goes to wpi
> driver, no proof, just my gut feeling.

it might be the kbdmux, or hald.  these two things were troublemakers
during my recent upgrade from 7.x to 9.0.  kbdmux is in GENERIC, but
causes missed interrupts, which may make the machine appear dead.
hald is used by xorg.  hald may spin busily when it's out of sync with
the kernel.
> problem # 3
> starting with 8.0 wpi driver no longer is the interface, wlanX is to be
> created. this is not news, but every time I manually create the wlan0
> interface and spawn wpa_supplicant. This shuould be automatic, as I have
> followed the guidelines of rc.conf(5). I can provide output of
> rc_debug="YES" if someone is willing.

my wlan0 is created for wpi0 (I start the wifi with
/etc/rc.d/wpa_supplicant onestart wlan0):

ifconfig_wlan0="NOAUTO DHCP WPA"

what's in your rc.conf?

> How can i install all files under /etc from the source ?

cd /usr/src && mergemaster -i

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