x11/lxpanel build fails - wrong linux base?

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Sun Nov 8 22:41:21 UTC 2009


I am trying to build x11/lxde-meta in a 8.0RC2 tinderbox. lxpanel fails
because it depends on linux-alsa-lib. linux-alsa-lib fails because

eco# make
===>  linux-alsa-lib- bsd.linux-rpm.mk test failed: default
package building at OSVERSION>=800076 was changed to linux-f10 ports,
please define OVERRIDE_LINUX_NONBASE_PORTS to build other linux
infrastructure ports.
*** Error code 1

[the above is make in /usr/ports/audio/linux-alsa-lib. Ports and source
for the host are exactly the same as the tinderbox.]

I have WITHOUT_ALSA=true in lxpanel's options and I have even changed
the line in lxpanel/Makefile:

eco# diff Makefile Makefile.original
< WITH_ALSA=    off
> WITH_ALSA=    yes

so how do I stop lxpanel calling linux-alsa-lib?
Alternatively can I make it use linux-f10-alsa-lib by changing the
Makefile to point to linux-f10-alsa-lib?



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