Remote Desktop for Fedora 11 on External Hard Drive

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Sun Nov 8 22:10:01 UTC 2009

On Sat, 7 Nov 2009 12:27:34 -0600, Bryan Cassidy <bsdsys_x86 at> wrote:
> I am currently using FreebSD 7.2 and I have just installed and
> configured Fedora 11 on an external
> hard drive so I can do some printing and other things. I was
> wondering how can I get full access
> to the Desktop (GUI) on FreeBSD for Fedora 11 on my external
> hard drive? Any ideas?

I hope I am not misunderstanding you...

If you have installed Fedora on a hard disk and you're running
this Linux from this hard disk (in a PC), and want to connect
to it and use its UI (on another PC that runs FreeBSD), you
can easily set the environmental variable DISPLAY so it does
correspond to the Linux PC and then run its applications (there)
and view them on the FreeBSD PC; this is mostly done through
a SSH connection, e. g.

	freebsd% ssh -X myusername at
	fedora$ export DISPLAY=
	fedora$ krita
	(now see krita runnin on Fedora on your FreeBSD's X)

In this example, is the FreeBSD system, and is the Fedora system.

You can as well run a complete window manager or desktop
environment. There are other tools in the ports collection that
allow things like full remote-desktopping.

BUT if you want to run programs from the Fedora disk on your
FreeBSD system, things get more complicated, allthough FreeBSD
has a Linux ABI (alternative binary interface). In this case,
you would mount your external hard disk and then execute programs
from it.

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