Xfce4 on 8.0 RC2

Henrik Hudson lists at rhavenn.net
Fri Nov 6 22:05:04 UTC 2009

On Wed, 04 Nov 2009, Alex Huth wrote:

> Hi!
> Is anyone running this combination? I am having trouble with two points>
> 1. When i close a ssh connection in a terminal, the prompt does not come back.
> I have to close the tab. Without X the connections are ok and i had Debian
> lenny earlier on the laptop also with Xfce4. There was everything ok.

How are you logging out of your ssh sessions? Is this using xterm or
the XFCE terminal app? Try it with xterm and see what happens.
Personally, try using rxvt-unicode as it allows most of the "mods",
just no tabs.

> 2. When switching between the desktops i have to wait up to 3 seconds before
> it is done, depending on what app there is running. For example:
> Desk1: Terminal with several tabs
> Desk2: firefox35
> Desk3: Openoffice3 calc
> Desk4: atunes
> Desk1 --> Desk2		ok
> Desk2 --> Desk3		ok
> Desk1 --> Desk4		3 sec
> Desk4 --> Desk1		3 sec
> Desk2 --> Desk1		3 sec

This sounds like a graphics driver issue and the screen redraw rate?
What video card are you using and what X driver? Did you turn on
compositing mode?

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