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On Wed, 4 Nov 2009 23:01:19 -0800 (PST), "Alexandre L." <axelbsd at> wrote:
> mmm. I don't know.
> But with this config file, XFCE4 launch is OK (or seems OK).

That may be possible, as well as correct.

I have learned - many many years ago, so it may already
have changed - that .xinitrc is a SHELL SCRIPT that is
executed on X startup. So all the "rules" for shell scripts
do apply, such as declaring the interpreter with the #!
special comment. Furthermore, .xinitrc serves as a kind of "init
process", so that the "exec" statement is needed to replace
the .xinitrc process by the window manager.

See that .xsession serves a similar process and needs
a certain form so that programs that use it (e. g. xdm)
do the right thing. My .xsession does look like this:

	source ~/.cshrc
	exec ~/.xinitrc

It is needed so that xterms running csh inherit the settings
from my .cshrc, and then .xsession continues running as .xinitrc,
which finally runs as the window manager (here: WindowMaker,
last line "exec wmaker").

But as I said, it may be handled completely differently

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