FreeBSD, Juniper netscreen & Java

Alex Huth a.huth at
Thu Nov 5 12:33:26 UTC 2009


I am actual at a problem i had also with Debian on the same Laptop. I need to
make a VPN connect to a Juniper netscreen. As far as i know Juniper only works
with java from sun.
On Debian i had to use java 1.5, with 1.6 it did not work.

Is it right that the native jdk port is a patched sun java? I can´t get it
working, even with the jdk 1.5. The linux-sun-jdk 1.5 will not install because
someother ports are to new for it.
I get the login and the applet to execute, but the final applet where the VPN
is setup will not appear.

Anyone using VPN with Juniper netscreen on FreeBSD?



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