7.x on Dell R900?

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Wed Nov 4 15:24:13 UTC 2009

 Le 03/11/2009 à 16:39:25-0800, Matt Szubrycht a écrit
> Hello List,
> I cannot find any fresh information on compatibility of Dell PowerEdge  
> R900 and FreeBSD after googling for several hours, so I decided to ask  
> here.  If this is not the right place, please redirect me to.
> All of our servers run FreeBSD with one exception - a CentOS machine,  
> which adds to the overall maintenance workload and keeping up to date.  
> Back in the day, after getting the R900 (without prior OS  
> compatibility research), the word was that FreeBSD will not run on  
> this hardware and we ended up installing CentOS.  That was well over a  
> year ago and I am wondering if anyone could share some insight into  
> the current compatibility status, installation/operation pitfalls and  
> any other tips that would allow me to get away from Linux on this R900  
> box and create a homogeneous server-space environment with FreeBSD 7.x.

Can you specify what don't work ? What's the problem.


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