Xfce4 on 8.0 RC2

Alex Huth a.huth at tmr.net
Wed Nov 4 12:16:42 UTC 2009


Is anyone running this combination? I am having trouble with two points>

1. When i close a ssh connection in a terminal, the prompt does not come back.
I have to close the tab. Without X the connections are ok and i had Debian
lenny earlier on the laptop also with Xfce4. There was everything ok.

2. When switching between the desktops i have to wait up to 3 seconds before
it is done, depending on what app there is running. For example:

Desk1: Terminal with several tabs
Desk2: firefox35
Desk3: Openoffice3 calc
Desk4: atunes

Desk1 --> Desk2		ok
Desk2 --> Desk3		ok
Desk1 --> Desk4		3 sec
Desk4 --> Desk1		3 sec
Desk2 --> Desk1		3 sec

I am running it on Dell Latitude E6500 with 4GB Ram. Any idea?



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