Why trying to create file on ntfs-mounted directory always causes "No such file or directory" error?

Rob Hurle rob1940 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 01:16:26 UTC 2009

Hi Yuri,

  You wrote:

> I have r/w mounted ntfs.
> And 'touch x' there produces an error.
> Why would this be?

I've had this too.  The standard ntfs does not allow rw on the file
system.  You have to install fuse-ntfs from /usr/ports/sysutils
(please check this on your system - I do not have a FreeBSD system in
front of me just now).  Then it must be mounted from the command line:

ntfs-3g <options> /dev/disc_whatever /mount_point

I could not get it to work from /etc/fstab.  I'll check exactly how I
do it tonight when I get home and re-post with more details.

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