anybody manage to get Xorg to work with LG flat panel W2361

PJ af.gourmet at
Mon Nov 2 16:55:16 UTC 2009

I have posted to Xorg, but I find this list most reassuring and
competent ;-)
I have searched the web, followed the instructions in the manual, the
man pages and suggestions on the web.
Nothing, nada. And I see there is a lot of frustration out there and not
solutions discernible.
I can post the config files...
If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it... but please, don't waste
your time telling me to read the manual or search the web... I have done
all that and if there is something I have missed - maybe hal (that seems
to be the most absurd addition to Xorg as it seems to produce no visible
advantages but only problems) maybe someone will have an idea what was
my blind spot?

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