issues with email migration

David Patton david at
Mon Nov 2 16:52:46 UTC 2009

Yes sir, I added them to the rc.conf, changed the links to point where I
wanted them and rebooted, same issues.

I cant waste anymore time with what I wanted to do. I will leave /mail on
the nfs share and just build a new server. I have 2 days and hopefully I
will keep my job.

Wish me luck...

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On 11/2/09, David Patton <david at> wrote:
> This morning, I tried adding this to rc.conf and moved my link for /www
> local to the nfs .
> rpc_lockd_enable="YES"
> rpc_statd_enable="YES"

Adding them alone just tells the system at startup to start

> and I experienced the same issues I had before. It would seem that postfix
> and other assorted mail programs have no issue with accessing /mail on an
> nfs share but everything residing in /www don't seem to like it at all.

Did you start statd and lockd by hand before trying the /www again?

> I have no choice but to leave this as it is and set up a similar
> on my new server.
> Thank you to everyone who responded.
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>> only one issue with that. The server in question is an emc clereon(sorry
>> not at work to look at the specifics) and at this point the only access I
>> have to it is a web interface and am unable to access a command line.
>> Also a stupid question my plan is to set up another server to access the
>> nfs share to provide better email service.
>> would this impact it in any way?
> <snip replies>
> Not if file locking and the daemons take care of everything like they
> should.  Remember, file locking is mandatory for some things,
> especially mbox files, password files, or anything else that requires
> exclusive access to a file.
> If two systems try to access the same locked file, the 2nd will be
> told it won't be able to get an exclusive lock, because the 1st
> already has it locked.
> You're on the right track.  Keep it going.
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