issues with email migration

David Patton david at
Mon Nov 2 13:35:51 UTC 2009

This morning, I tried adding this to rc.conf and moved my link for /www from
local to the nfs .


and I experienced the same issues I had before. It would seem that postfix
and other assorted mail programs have no issue with accessing /mail on an
nfs share but everything residing in /www don't seem to like it at all.

I have no choice but to leave this as it is and set up a similar arrangement
on my new server.

Thank you to everyone who responded.

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On 10/31/09, david at <david at> wrote:
> only one issue with that. The server in question is an emc clereon(sorry
> not at work to look at the specifics) and at this point the only access I
> have to it is a web interface and am unable to access a command line.
> Also a stupid question my plan is to set up another server to access the
> nfs share to provide better email service.
> would this impact it in any way?

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Not if file locking and the daemons take care of everything like they
should.  Remember, file locking is mandatory for some things,
especially mbox files, password files, or anything else that requires
exclusive access to a file.

If two systems try to access the same locked file, the 2nd will be
told it won't be able to get an exclusive lock, because the 1st
already has it locked.

You're on the right track.  Keep it going.

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