Ideas For Change launches in closed beta today

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Sun Nov 1 20:38:21 UTC 2009

We are very proud to have finalized the first step in building this platform that will become an active tool to improve our world.

Against all good advice that we should build first and then connect the world, we decided that we are nothing without your knowledge. Without your input. And we said that we wanted to build this project from a different angle. We have the tools, we have the team, we have some funding but we need you guys to engage and tell us what your community needs. How we can help.

We will build the biggest online community on sustainable topics, we will give you access and the keys to build your own subgroups both closed and public. But without taking this first step to ask for your opinion we would be working with old obsolete models.

The films you see are just a fragment of what will come, the texts are just a start. If you need a login please ask us, if you want to contribute otherwise, sponsor a subcategory or need anything more please don´t hesitate to ask.

So please enjoy, spread the word and engage!

The Ideas For Change Global Team

Visit the web site IdeasForChange.TV

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