Gnokii with USB2

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Sun Nov 1 09:00:35 UTC 2009

On Saturday 31 October 2009 20:48:57 Jille Timmermans wrote:
> I'm trying to read the SMS of my telephone using comms/gnokii. But I
> can't figure out which 'port' (thing in /dev) I must pass to gnokii.
> /dev/usb/0.2.{0,1,2}, /dev/ugen0.2, /dev/da0, /dev/pass0 all didn't work
> (Yes, I know trying da0 was not a really smart/safe idea). But those are
> the only new devices which showed up after connecting the USB-cable.

I think that "connection = serial" is wrong. You should not have to specify 
port for USB. Also check that your device shows up when you type "usbconfig" 
as the user you are running gnokiirc. Also make sure gnokiirc is compiled with 
USB support.


> My ~/.gnokiirc:
> [global]
> port = /dev/usb/0.2.1
> model = AT
> connection = serial
> [logging]
> debug = on
> OS:
> FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT r193930 of June 10
> Telephone:
> LG K800
> -- Jille

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