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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Sun May 31 16:02:20 UTC 2009

David Collins <davidcollins001 at gmail.com> writes:

> I have several jails for the purpose of not trashing my root partition
> with junk programs that I may not need and also to learn how to run
> various system services, ie dns, http, mysql, samba etc. I have been
> running them for a while and have only just updated the jail root
> after rebuilding world.
> I have been using portupgrade to rebuild the host ports I have
> installed. What I would like it know is if it is possible to use
> portupgrade on the host system to update the jail ports. So like when
> rebuilding world a destdir is specified and is populated with the new
> world, is it possible to do the same with portupgrade? The reason is
> because I don't want to have to install portupgrade and ruby several
> times, also I can script the upgrade easily too.
> I have been reading through the ports and portupgrade man pages and
> setting environment variables to the appropriate directories in the
> jail to try to get this to work but so far no luck. Portupgrade wants
> to upgrade the host ports
> Here is what I have tried so far:
> viper:~$ export DISTDIR=/usr/jails/xserver/var/tmp/
> viper:~$ export WRKDIRPREFIX=/usr/jails/xserver/var/tmp/
> viper:~$ export PREFIX=/usr/jails/xserver/usr/local/
> viper:~$ export BATCH=yes
> viper:~$ export PORT_DBDIR=/usr/jails/xserver/var/db/p
> viper:~$ export PORT_DBDIR=/usr/jails/xserver/var/db/ports
> viper:~$ export PKG_DBDIR=/usr/jails/xserver/var/db/pkg/
> viper:~$ export PORTS_DBDIR=/usr/jails/xserver/var/db/ports
> viper:~$
> viper:~$ sudo portupgrade -narR

It sounds like PREFIX is the one you're not picking up.

Perhaps it's being overridden by one of your makefiles, or by
portupgrade's configuration files?

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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