sshd + pam_pgsql

Maciej Milewski milu at
Sun May 31 15:08:16 UTC 2009

Dnia niedziela 31 maj 2009 o 16:18:09 Sajó Zsolt Attila napisał(a):
> How do I use the sshd with pam-pgsql?
I don't know how tu use but I see something strange with your setup.
In ssh-pam_pgsql.conf you have pw_type = md5 and in your database you have a 
cleartext password. I think it is your problem.
I think that you can add column in your database and convert cleartext 
password to md5. Or, if possible, configure pam to use cleartext password. I 
don't know if the latter is possible in pam.


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