What's wrong with this picture?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sun May 31 08:46:09 UTC 2009

> >       (Wojciech Puchar)
> >   33. Re: Canon printer and TurboPrint (Wojciech Puchar)
> >   34. Re: Canon printer and TurboPrint (cpghost)
> >   35. Filter request Re: GSM to Serial Converter (Wojciech Puchar)
> >   36. Re: Stable Mail Server And Web Mail (Wojciech Puchar)
> Woj, 20 out of 36 messages, over 55% of all these messages, are by you.

That's fine. then please - if you count mine as spam, ignore them and 
calculate stats with the rest.

> 50% of messages either from you, or from silly people reacting to you,

So you just classify people as silly because then answer me. It isn't 
polite i think.

> I gather that you're hoping to prove that without moderation - as we've
> enjoyed for 11 years that I've experienced - if you keep on flooding the
> list with so much off-topic crap.

Again - calculate how many not-mine threads are on topic.

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