Remotely edit user disk quota

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun May 31 08:43:56 UTC 2009

>> same user password somewhere else.
> The whole point of ssh is to prevent this sort of thing, by
> encrypting the message traffic over this insecure communication
> channel.

I think most people using ssh already know it. or maybe not?:)

  An attacker may be able to intercept the encrypted
> traffic, but it will take a skilled cryptanalyst and a lot of CPU
> time -- or the attacker will have to be very lucky -- to decrypt
> the message and recover the passwords while they are still valid.

All of this things are strong enough to require billions of years to 
crack or more.

>From the beginning my point of this discussion is to stop stupidly 
repeating "golden rules" like

- program a is secure
- program b is insecure
- so just don't use program b

Because it teaches people not to think.

There are difference between "insecure program" and "program without extra 

> (You *do* change passwords periodically, don't you?)

Of course!

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