Mysql6 or Mysql5

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sun May 31 08:11:11 UTC 2009

Grant Peel wrote:

> Does anyone have any expierience with it? Is it solid? Fast? Are
> there any 'gotchas' when using databases developed on older versions
> of Mysql? (4).

I can't answer about speed or solidity -- except to point out that MySQL
themselves describe MYSQL 6.0 as an "alpha development release".

MySQL 5.1 is the preferred generally-available release at the moment. 5.1 is
certainly reasonably solid, but I don't think it offers much in terms of speed
increases over 5.0 and it's likely to be slower than a 4.x system.  Of course,
4.x doesn't support any of the transactional stuff or foreign keys or higher
concurrency / multiple CPUs anything like as well as the later versions.

As for compatibility between MySQL 4.x and MySQL 6.x; well, it might work,
but the chances are it will break due to a number of small but incompatible
changes in schemas, SQL etc. etc.  Most readily available software will work
with MySQL 5.0+ nowadays, and it is usually possible for a reasonably experienced
DBA to load data dumped out of a 4.x server into a 5.x server without too
much expenditure of either ingenuity or profanity.



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