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Sat May 30 19:33:29 UTC 2009

On Sat, 30 May 2009 20:54:10 +0200, Markus Künkler <markus at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I installed my software using csup and make install. Now there are new  
> versions available. How can i deinstall the old software with  
> depencies or upgrade the complete stuff? I want to use make for that  
> and it should ignore if an old version is already installed or  
> deinstall the old version automiticaly.

If you're talking about the OS itself, you can simply follow
the instractions in the handbook, where it explains the
upgrading of the system (including steps like make update,
make buildworld and buildkernel, mergemaster, and make
installkernel and installworld, maybe KERNCONF).

For the ports, you enter the port's directory, run

	# make deinstall

and then

	# make
	# make install
	# make clean

(you can of course combine it to "make install clean").

If you want to automate it, you can use tools from the portmgmt/
category, such as portupgrade or portmaster. <--- I think that
is what you're searching for.

But you're talking about software that is not supported through
the FreeBSD ports system, you need to rely on what the source
creator gave to you (install / update / deinstall scripts).

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