Greylisting and new posters

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat May 30 19:09:00 UTC 2009

Mel Flynn wrote:
> All (including David with his kick-ass postmaster hat),
> while off-topic, flames and other non sense covered by Freedom of Speech are 
> an annoyance to many, I'm more bothered by some newcomers to the list that are 
> being greylisted on first post and instantly hit the resend button. Especially 
> since a technical solution is possible in 90% of the cases (there are a few 
> people that don't resend, but re-edit).
> Is it possible to:
> a) Put a big-red-blink-popup-attentiongrabbing monster text into the 
> subscription page about first posts being delayed with a link to greylisting?
> b) Hash the bodies of greylisted messages and reject / discard if the same 
> body with a different msg id is being received?
> I'd be happy to contribute to b) if it is thought that the incoming mailer can 
> handle the hashing and storage of this information.

Seems to me that the particular problem you're referring to doesn't really
happen all that often.  Probably, the only thing that really might need another
word or two is to make the services offered by FreeBSD-test list better
advertised (it does still exist, right?)  People can post all the test mail they
want to that list.

About 6 months ago, I recommended to an acquaintance that they make use of the
FreeBSD-test list, and I actually saw the replies he got from some idiots
subscribed to that list, complaining that my acquaintance used that list exactly
like he was supposed to do.   I wonder if maybe the list ought to have some
feature like having it's subscribers list zeroed out once a week.  It's then a
pretty obvious problem which really could be dealt with in the  new subscribers
intro mail.

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