Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat May 30 16:02:34 UTC 2009

> The usefulness of government intervention into private lives,
> businesses, etc. is never going to be resolved on this forum.

And will it be resolved with discussion anywhere else with anyone else? ;)

Only usage of crude force can change the way things go today. And both me 
and anyone on that list doesn't have such force.

> Innovation has never come from a bureau.

The same as knowledge never come from schools. Most innovators was quite 
bad at school, ignored school at all, or was good, but then had to relearn 
everything from scratch.

And - as you said, there are very little, and none great, inventions from 
any government sponsored scientific groups.

More important - if sponsoring is targeted at some achievement (like 
finding a cure for cancer) the most stupid thing such group can do is to 
achieve what required and lose funding.

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