Competition law (was Re: Canon printer and TurboPrint)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sat May 30 15:39:21 UTC 2009

> I know what socialism means. You seem not to. I haven't anywhere advocated 
> state ownership of businesses - in fact I very clearly stated that I believe 
> in a free market with only that level of regulation required to keep it free 
> from monopoly abuse.

You are wrong. there is no monopoly abuse when monopoly doesn't have extra 
support from government.

How could monopoly (if monopoly happen at all) abuse ?

Selling below costs? OK let they sell, others will wait a bit or even buy 
the products until monopoly will not have money to continue this, then 
compete with the monopoly by selling back what they bought on below-cost 

Forcing others to stop producing? how?

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