FreeBSD 7.2 + HP DL320 G2

Peter peterpub2 at
Fri May 29 21:05:59 UTC 2009


I got an old HP DL320 G2

It has fake ide raid controller lsi megaraid. It has ibuilt limitation
of 137Gb per HDD.It can NOT be turned off. So I made 2 RAID 0 arrays for
each disk.

However FreeBSD 7.2 sees full drives separately(skipping the raid) and
installs perfectly fine.. However, the first boot fails - can not load

On the same machine,  Debain 5.0 installs just fine , sees full drives 2
x 320 Gb IDE and boots like charm.

I prefer to have FreeBSD on the machine, but do I have choice ? Is there
a solution ?


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