pfsync in GENERIC?

Steven Schlansker scs at
Fri May 29 16:42:59 UTC 2009

Hello freebsd-questions,

I'm attempting to set up a redundant NAT system where failover is  
provided by ucarp and using pfsync to keep NAT tables in sync.

When I try to set up pfsync,

[steven at gateway2:~]% sudo /etc/rc.d/pfsync start
/etc/rc.d/pfsync: WARNING: pfsync(4) must be statically compiled in  
the kernel.
[steven at gateway2:~]% ifconfig pfsync0
ifconfig: interface pfsync0 does not exist

[steven at gateway2:~]% sudo ifconfig pfsync0 create
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: Invalid argument

Is pfsync not in GENERIC?  I checked the amd64 config file and indeed  
it does not show up, however pf and pflog are not there either but are  
usable in the base system, so I am not positive that pfsync being  
missing is therefore conclusive.

I would like to if at all possible use GENERIC so that I can take  
advantage of freebsd-update etc.  Is there some way to get this all  
running without recompiling the kernel?  (You may notice I'm using  
ucarp instead of carp to avoid recompiling)

Thank you for any guidance,
Steven Schlansker

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