locking attempts fails in FreeBSD (jail)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Fri May 29 16:15:13 UTC 2009

>> other question - what filesystem do you use for directory when locks are
>> placed?
> in-jail# mount
> /dev/mirror/gm0s1d on / (ufs, local, soft-updates)

me too UFS. no other questions, and no other ideas. sorry.

> procfs on /var/jails/mail/proc (procfs, local)
> devfs on /var/jails/mail/dev (devfs, local)
> /usr on /var/jails/mail/usr (nullfs, local, read-only)

looks like you administer jails the same way as me (/usr shared). 
Probably your /usr/local/etc is a symlink to have different configs both 
places. But i will ask - is it?

AND - make sure dovocot-deliver does not try writing anything into /usr.
Most programs don't but some do, if so you have to move that directory out 
of /usr and make symlink. squid proxy do this.

> I tested dovecot/ssl-build-param on another server: in host ok, in all jails the same error.  ?!?!?

The only idea left is that it writes to /usr someplace.

BTW do you need /proc in jails. i never used it, maybe it doesn't work 
properly in jail, and ssl-build-param make use it when it's available.
But for sure it do run without /proc mounted.
what version of dovecot you use?

mine is

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