Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri May 29 16:11:24 UTC 2009

>> printer and then install, so user HAVE TO FOLLOW the steps.
> Allthough CUPS is for UNIX (the U in CUPS), I think it's a bit sad

it runs on unix. But it was written by people that thinks windows-way.
Like most of new soft for unix.

"Well it's really bad printer support on unix, lets make it as good as in 

And yes they did a lot of hard work, just sad they did it that way.

Anyway - great work.

> Translated from a PC commercial: "My computer knows who I am, and knows
> what I want."

There wasn't THAT BAD commercials in Poland already. But for sure will.

> Another attitude at least famous among german "Windows" users: If the
> PC says (!) something, it is alright. Asking for the bankomatcard PIN?
> Well, enter it! An obscure web page wants your name and postal address

so make use of it. Pecunia non olet :)

> MICROS~1 initiated misbelief that "Windows" administers itself.

No it doesn't administer itself. It does administer it's slave.

> If you think that's stupid - well, at least it's the reality here. :-)

While i was always laughing about "artifical inteligence" ideas, now i 
found it's possible to make computer as smart or smarter than people.

You just need to make people mode dumb :)

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