Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri May 29 14:04:36 UTC 2009

> Anyway, it allows you to do something that CUPS won't: It lets
> you install a printer that is not attached to the system. Yes,
> I know, sounds stupid. :-)

nothing stupid. As CUPS (and lots of modern software) is based on 
windows-like philosophy even if runs on unix, it's quite natural.

Someone decided that the right steps of installing driver is to connect 
printer and then install, so user HAVE TO FOLLOW the steps.

Any departure is simply bad, as main windows-like philosophy theorem is 
that user are not allowed to think, because of the danger he/she will 
become a master of his/her own computer, while making him a slave is a 

Only those who are slaves of their own computer, and programs they use, 
will constantly need help and pay for it.

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