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Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri May 29 07:48:37 UTC 2009

> The EU has acted against two companies (Microsoft and Intel) who have used
> illegal business methods to protect and extend their monopolies and suppress
> competition.

This is just the occasion to get another tax by UE clerks. As Microsoft 
and Intel just pay a fine, and doesn't really change their behaviour, it's 
just tax that final users pay.

Anyway i am against any such regulations. Free Market is a best regulator. 
As people DO LIKE their products and the slavery by using them - their 

It would be much better of removing things that are against free market 
rules, software patents are perfect example. But as most of the world 
(lead by UE) goes back into socialism, that heroicly fights problems it 
creates, it won't happen.

> Or are you suggesting that a format or protocol which is implemented by
> several different companies, allowing vendors to compete fairly on other
> grounds (price, features, quality, ... ) while protecting consumers by making

This is a proper idea. But both doing this, and not doing this, is not 
matter of any clerk, politician or king, but of people choice and free 

People should choose if they want to use open standards and be 
independent, or use closed standards and become slaves.

As some people like to be slaves, there are no reason to forbid it.

> extra to incorporate it, or penalising them financially for providing
> competing products?

The worst thing of UE (and other government) is that they are putting 
their dirty hand into free market at all.

> If that's the case, why is no-one trying to use the courts to prevent the use
> of ODF, a published standard which is now used by several companies and Free
> Software projects to provide a common format for documents?

maybe yet? but yes - i think the first poster exaggerated things. UE 
doesn't (yet?) fights with open standard. They even say they are promoting 
it. Of course best they can do is not to do anything.

> Microsoft has been convicted of doing all these things, in US courts, in
> courts in Asia, and in courts in Europe. These are matters of fact, not
> opinion.

Government in Asia just do the same - another source of taxes.

If they would like to really punish MS, fines will be much higher and 
MEANINGFUL to microsoft.

> off and expanded the way it did: once upon a time the US courts did take
> antitrust seriously, and prevented AT&T using its telco monopoly to expand

Or maybe it solved problem it created - software patents that existed in 
US already, and prevented BSD to be spread and improved?!
Don't you remember.

The government is always a SOURCE, not solution to a problem.

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