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Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Thu May 28 21:13:01 UTC 2009

In response to Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl>:
> >
> > This list has been around of a LOOOONG time.  The rules haven't changed
> > in the 10 years since I've been subscribed, and the list works 99% of the
> > time.
> But there are more and more new "users". It will not work that way another 
> 10 years.

It's funny, that's the same thing that was being said 10 years ago.

In the 70s, they claimed that by the year 2000, there would be 3 billion
people on earth, and over half of them would be starving because we
wouldn't be able to produce enough food.  There are now over 6 bil,
and the % of starving people is lower than ever.

I have a book from the 80s that predicts that we'll run out of oil by
the year 2000 and have to find another source to power our cars before
then.  The book has graphs showing the available reserves and usage
and everything.  The math all works out.

After 30 years of hearing doom and gloom predictions, I can't even take
them seriously any more.  When the news about swine flue first came out
and the "experts" were predicting how many people would die, I just started
laughing out loud.

And I'm laughing at you right now.

Bill Moran

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