Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 21:06:15 UTC 2009

> Did you ever bother to consider that if the printer manufacturers
> actually formed a consensus on a printer language, some third world
> county or the EU would probably sue them.

for setting up open standard? why?

while i probably have similar (or worse) opinion about EU, to which Poland 
is now slowly losing independence, i never heard about any EU 
process for setting up OPEN standard.

They are rather experts of suing Micro$oft. This is just one another way 
of taking tax from us, Microsoft just pays the fine, divides it by amount of 
sold windoze licences and add this to price, while still doing things the 
same as before.

But it's not a problem for me, i don't buy windows so i don't have to 
pay that tax.

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