Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 20:14:25 UTC 2009

>> I'm waiting for "certified professional FreeBSD Troll (TM)" printed and
>> laminated certificate! should i give a snail-mail address?
> Write a letter to Redmond, they usually pay good if you
> are willing to propagate their opinion. :-)

i want this certificate from man who call me troll, not Micro$oft.

>> FreeBSD folks actually did A LOT OF WORK that they wasn't
>> even supposed to do, and did it for free!
>> Instead of hearing "Thank you, you made it at least
>> partially working!" they here "FreeBSD FLASH support is a CRAP".
>> Not polite and really they deserve better reward.
> I didn't say that FreeBSD's "Flash" support is crap, but in my
You did not. Someone before said this.

> on FreeBSD deserve a big "Thank you, good work."


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