Remotely edit user disk quota

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 19:34:13 UTC 2009

> good as the weakest point. Of course you can add security by
> using SSH, and it's definitely indicated when doing things via
> the Internet. As long as you are inside your own net, covered
> from the Internet, with only trustworthy machines inside it,
> you could even use telnet.

which i actually do. even more! i ALWAYS change configuration to allow
root login from telnet rsh and ssh which is disabled by default.

Even 15 seconds of thinking is enough to understand that logging to other 
user and then su - gives completely no extra security.

And yes - i do log as root by "insecure" rsh and telnet.

The only think you should be aware is to not do it when connection is from 
outside and insecure.

This case i actually don't use even ssh if it's not mine computer. How can 
i be sure that ssh is secure, but keylogging isn't installed?

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