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Thu May 28 16:35:06 UTC 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 09:09:41 -0400, Jerry <gesbbb at> wrote:
> Actually, you are a troll. 

Actually, I allow myself to tell you that this is untrue. :-)

He's right. FreeBSD is an advanced operating system that provides
basic means to drivers and applications (and to do some other
things). So it enables application programmers to write their
programs for this platform. If they refuse to, why blame the

As it has truthfully been mentioned, it would be possible for
Adobe to release a native version of "Flash" for FreeBSD, even
if they don't put their sources into BSDL. But they don't want
to. (It's their right to do so, of course.)

> Now that is a truly stupid statement. The usefulness of any OS or
> applications is directly proportionate to the end users intended
> purpose.

No. The end user doesn't use the operating system, he uses his
application programs (which, of course, depend on the operating
system in many ways). That's how the usefulness of an application
can be judged.

The usefulness of an operating system is to be considered in
terms of how good it provides ressources, documentation, inter-
faces, standards, compatibility maybe. And in this case FreeBSD
is excellent.

> The bottom line is that using a Win PC box for a print server saves me
> countless hours of frustration.

Then it's completely fine for you, no disagreement.

The question is - if you're interested in it: What have you
learned? How does it help you in more difficult situations
where you are presented to a specific setting and have to
work with "means on board" (Bordmittel)?

> I know that I can purchase virtually
> any printer on the market today and have it up and running on the
> Windows box in a few minutes.

Until a new printer doesn't support your "Windows" version anymore,
or your new !Windows" version doesn't support your printer anymore.

> Can you say the same thing about a FBSD
> box? Not even close.

This is intended to be that way. The printer manufactureres and
the majority of their customers decided it.

> The idea behind any venture, be it personal or
> business, is to find the cheapest and most efficient solution for a
> given problem. I have found one that works just fine for me.

Then again, it's okay for you, even if I don't consider it
cheap (exta PC purchase, PC running, license) or most
efficient (exta PC needed).

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