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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Thu May 28 14:59:34 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 11:12:16AM +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:

> >
> >FreeBSD developers know enough to avoid speaking 'on behalf' of anyone,
> >unless they are explicitly asked to do so and it makes sense.  We usually
> >just point the users gently towards an appropriate resource: a webpage, a
> >mailing list, or a team of more knowledgeable folks, etc.
> >
> >Boris did the right thing IMO by pointing at the donations pages.  Two of
> Exactly. but it for sure wasn't what original "sponsoring offer wanted". 
> He wanted banner/logo advert on mine webpage.
> >a) We generally accept all donations, regardless of how small they are.
> >  Even donations of a single RAM chip for nearly obsolete platforms are
> >  welcome and we try to find someone who will make good use of it.
> But you don't put advert for this. As you said - there is separate webpage 
> for listing sponsors, and that's excellent.
> >b) The donations team acts as a gateway for incoming stuff, and they have
> >  enough experience to discern genuine offers for a donation from spammy
> >  "please link to my personal web site and I will make you rich" scamming
> >  schemes.
> So what's wrong with my answer for such spammy offer?

I think what most persons are reacting to are two things.

  1: Many (note all) of your posts in response to questions carry what
     we might call a snippy, kind of put down attitude toward the
     questioner.   Even when you are quite correct in information and
     criticism, it is not received well if you also say something that
     appears to ridicule the OP and/or other posters.   This is where I
     wonder if it is a language issue.   Do you realize that you are
     jamming people in the manner of your posts?   Take care of people's
     sensitivities when you post.   When in doubt about how something
     might be received, then don't put in those words - just stick to the 
     plain and dull technical information.

  2: Although I have seen a number of valuable responses posted under your 
     address (eg presumably helpfully posted by you), sometimes you seem to 
     jump in to a question or thread when you really do not know the answer 
     or really do not have anything to add.  This makes the forum look 
     foolish and it also tends to discourage those who have the answer or 
     can make some meaningful contribution from getting in to the foray.  
     They do not have the time or inclination to get in to a flame war.    
     We all have read a question wrong or misunderstood it and made a 
     midguided response.  I certainly have gritted my teeth when reading 
     some responses I made as they came back from the list server.  But 
     you seem to have a penchant for making posts that have a decided 
     appearance of being just for the sake of saying something rather 
     than making a positive contribution to the topic of the OP.

So, while it is true that you have the right and freedom to post on this
unmoderated list, the adult thing to do is to take responsibility for
yourself, to think about the significance and quality of your post before 
sending it off.   Ask the question, 'does it improve the situation or will 
it just annoy people and contribute nothing of technical value'.  Then make 
the choice in a manner that will improve the quality of the exchange.  
Remember that we all screw up, some of us more often than most, but none 
of us need our noses rubbed in it or to be jeered at.

Thank you,


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