Remotely edit user disk quota

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 11:10:25 UTC 2009

>> sure, but most probably it's perfectly secure.
> Because rsh/rlogin etc. is unsecure in any case. I don't remember the

very bad you don't remember the details.

Let i give you an example.

I throw 1000$ on my table in my flat.

Is this money insecure?

The answer is - maybe, it's just as secure as my doors and windows cause 
you have to enter my flat first to get it.

Other case - i put this 1000$ into hardened steel coffer.

Is it secure?

The answer is - The coffer provides EXTRA security over just throwing it 
on table.

The question - do i need an extra cost of coffer? the answer depends again 
of how good my 
doors and windows are!

Same with rsh. If your servers are connected by LAN and there are only 
your servers there, there are not possible to:

1) sniff your traffic as potential sniffer isn't in LAN
2) cheat from outside your inside's IP.

So you simply don't need a coffer. As coffer is an extra cost, ssh is an 
extra cost.

Actually great cost of unneeded encryption and RSA/DSA negotiation on 

The other case: i have secure tunnels between some of my servers and my 
home computer.

I do use rsh/rlogin for everything as the communication is already 

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