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Thu May 28 08:56:59 UTC 2009

On Wed, 27 May 2009 17:09:05 +0100, Chris Rees <utisoft at> wrote:
> Seriously, why give up on something because it takes an hour or two
> out of your day, and carry on the ~seven minute
> reboot-to-'Windows'-cycle out of laziness? Sounds counter-productive
> and defeatist.

The idea is that doing such "complicated" things in FreeBSD (and
in UNIX in general) teaches things, gives experiences and helps
solving oter problems on one's own later.

I've often seen similar situations where my solution would be
called too complex, but after that, I *learned* things, and this
gave me the ability do do things better (faster!) now. So I
may say: It's not always the final result that counts, but the
way leading to it.

Of course, to the average user, learning doesn't count. He
is not interested in (1) how things work, (b) how things are
done or (3) how things might be done better. He just wants
the final result, and he wants it now (or yesterday). :-)

I my own "printer journey", I had help from the de- list.
With the upgrade to 7, apsfilter stopped working as intended.
Functions A, B working; C D not working anymore. The help
from the list made me have C and D, but A and B stopped
then. Finally, I could combine apsfilter settings and
several options for gs. Voila! A, B, C and D working again
(as in FreeBSD 5).

Would I have ever been able to solve such problems without
having the need to learn something before? Definitely not.

I'm happy I can read such "long instructions" about how to
get stupid non-printers working with a standard compliant
operating system, and I always save such instructions
locally, because one day, I can solve a problem that the
printer manufacturer can't (because he originated it by
his lack of standard compliance).

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