removing distfiles?

John D. Gage III grepkeen at
Wed May 27 23:50:07 UTC 2009

Robert Huff wrote:
> herbert langhans writes:
>>  I can delete the .tar.gz files from /usr/ports/distfiles - is this correct?
>>  Not that some port tree management goes crazy (dependencies or such)..
> 	If you want to be selective, try "portsclean" which is part of
> portupgrade(-*).
> 				Robert Huff
I second this notion.  "portsclean -DLC" is great for recovering disk 
space after port installs and/or using "portupgrade -arR".

  	Clean out all the distfiles that are not referenced by any port in 
the ports tree. Specified twice (i.e. -*DD* ), clean out all the 
distfiles that are not referenced by any port that is currently 
installed. (cf. / DISTDIR/)

  	Clean out old, duplicate and/or orphaned shared libraries.

**portsclean** first deletes duplicate shared libraries where 
appropriate, then puts away old and orphaned shared libaries to 
/usr/local/lib/compat/pkg updating symlinks properly. To keep binaries 
working, ldconfig 
<>(8) is run 
after each library deletion or move.

**portsclean** is so wise you can safely run it without turning -*i* on. 
However, if you want to do further cleanup, specify the flag to be asked 
on possibly unneeded libraries too.

You can use the sysutils/libchk port to check which library is linked 
with which binaries.

  	Clean out all the working directories of the ports tree. (cf. / 


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