Sponsoring FreeBSD

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed May 27 23:02:40 UTC 2009

> to miss those.
> Everyone is right, Everyone is wrong, kiss and make up - and then PLEASE
> STFU!  And that's said with ALL due respect and not directed toward any
> one person!
> All this $hit DID make me realize I need to get my company to pony up
> some $$$ - FreeBSD has been beneficial to u, so thanks to all that
> support and maintain it!!!
good idea. of course i mean you like to sponsor FreeBSD, not buy advert on 
main page which is IMHO not possible.

And if you plan "dedicated" sponsoring for creating moderated forum, i 
could do this. i don't have that much money, but i can give 200$ for this.

Or maybe - lets gather up more people to pay few tens of $ per month 
eatch to pay someone willing to work as a moderator? It's not very time 
consuming job (traffic won't be enormous), so it would be enough.
I personally could give 100PLN (about 33$ now) per month.

Core Team must agree to keep that moderated forum on their 
site. Of course if they will not - nobody forbids creating it alone, but i 
am definitely against it. I think they will agree if some funding will be 
available and/or moderators will be available.

As Tou said - FreeBSD is beneficial for us, actually i can't imagine doing 
my job without it, so i will be happy to reward too.

Other option - no money, but at least 5 people that will be moderators 
giving their little job as FreeBSD support.
As time allows. I know all of us is more or less busy with daily jobs, but

with at least 5 people there will be always someone to moderate at any 
time. It would be best to choose people from different timezones, so there 
will not be "dead time" every day. People will not be happy to wait half a 
day for their post to pass through moderator.

But finally - posting rules MUST BE defined (or at least accepted after 
discussion) by Core Team if they agree. it's their system/project/site 

Moderators should only be workers/executors to prevent ANY cases that 
someone is blocked because moderator don't like him/her.

How about it? Only STRICT RULES keep things healthy and long lived.

after all there is much less than 100 strictly on-topic posts per day. 
it's not that much job to moderate it.

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