Is this a gmirror bug?

Peter Steele psteele at
Wed May 27 22:35:57 UTC 2009

>How this "reimaging" work if i may ask? bootable DVD with unix and
>that do zcat [partition image.gz] >/dev/partition

We have a two step process. First we run a script that creates the
master image as a tgz. The image is created at an alternate root using
the -C option of pkg_add and the DESTDIR option of the various OS
install scripts. We only run this script when we need to make a change
to the master image. 

We use this image to create bootable USB sticks, and when a system is
booted from one of these sticks there is automatic startup logic that
clones the disk onto the target hard drive of the box (configuring the
partitions and mirrors in the process) and then shuts the box down. We
then simply have to remove the USB stick and reboot the box, and the
system comes up with a clean OS. The whole cloning process only takes
five minutes or so, and we can do multiple systems at a time using
multiple USB drives. Works extremely well.

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