Streaming server

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed May 27 22:02:44 UTC 2009

> DEST                  STATE       AGE       EXP  PKTS BYTES
>     4:4   05:03:05  23:59:59  380K  296M
> 5 hours of online radio and I downloaded 296Meg. I don't want that hitting my
> harddisk at all. And if I do, then I can always record it.

you don't have to. use for example mplayer with URL as argument.

> - Bandwidth: This didn't interrupt noticeably with my work (ssh sessions) and
> other web use (port downloads, remote imap, webmail, smtp over ssh, etc) and
> I'm currently not using altq.

same as above.

> That's just from client perspective. From server perspective, the bandwidth
> advantage should be clear. There's no real advantage to gain maintaining altq
> rules / mod_bandwidth / foo-solution or a streaming server, except if the
> former are already in place.
> Most important is to consider if your users "want to save the file", cause a
> lot of clients hide or don't provide this feature. Over time though, as speeds
> and availability increase more and more people are seeing the internet as
> "another harddrive" so that distinction will fade.

anyway lots of people do download things to disks. the disks are usually 
huge today and mostly unused.

> If I'm correct, Jos is from .nl, where people are spoiled in that respect [1].
> [1] up to 120MBit down, 10Mbit up.
> -- 
> Mel

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