Sponsoring FreeBSD

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed May 27 20:56:25 UTC 2009

> thread is a PERFECT example there of, but there are many, many, many
> threads that got COMPLETELY derailed because someone said the smallest little 
> thing that annoyed someone else.  GROW UP PEOPLE FFS.

no matter what you think and what your opinion is, you will always find
part of forum users to be what you said.

It's natural with unmoderated forums!

> If you want the world to believe you have a mature OS, *ACT* like you have
> a mature OS...

and it is.

> Why am I still here, replying, reading?  Because, I'm INTERESTED.

Me too. Very interested to be able to get help and give help about 

Once again - please do moderated forum that posting rules will be

- post ONLY about FreeBSD. FreeBSD == what is created by FreeBSD fundation 
and contributors. This means - base system+port system. And mean for 
example that:

1)" I do want to switch from Windows to FreeBSD and install KDE. How to do 
it. Or maybe GNOME is better"

Moderator will delete this and reply for example "Please use KDE/gnome 
forums for KDE/gnome support. Please read FreeBSD handbook about how to 
install it. After reading it, if you have problems with installation - ask on the 

2) "We offer sponsoring. Our rules are........"

Moderator will delete this and forward that mail to those that cares of 
FreeBSD foundation's finances.

3) "Is there a way to
reduce the Vista to let's say 50 GByte and install FreeBSD -CURRENT
in the remaining 200 GByte"

Moderator will delete this and reply:

"Please ask on any Windows Vista related forum about how to reduce windows 
partition without data loss. Then install FreeBSD as usual, creating slice 
on unused space. Please post if you will have troubles installing FreeBSD"


O N L Y  S T R I C T  R U L E S  W I L L  G I V E  H I G H  Q U A L I T Y

Of course present forum must be left as is, so everyone feeling 
"discriminated" could post freely.

This rules should be CLEARLY defined, so everybody that want use moderated 
forum will know it, and have to obey or not use it.

I don't know much about any moderating mailing lists software, but maybe 
just use NNTP? Excellent software is already here, and using NNTP is as 
very simple.

Strict rules are not just needed, it's a requirement or never-ending 
discussion will be common as each of us have different point of view.

Every computer project (and every non-computer too :) without well defined 
rules and ownership is just destined to fall, sooner or later.

FreeBSD has at least ownership, linux don't have both.

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