FreeBSD & Software RAID

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed May 27 16:41:00 UTC 2009

>> in C, there will work as good in 64-bit mode and in 32-bit mode.
> Wojciech, I have to ask: are you actually a programmer or are you repeating

yes i am. if you are interested i wrote programs for x86, ARM (ARM7TDMI), 
MIPS32 (4Kc), and once for alpha. I have quite good knowledge for ARM and 
MIPS assembly, for x86 - quite outdated as i wrote my last assembly 
program when 486 was new CPU.

> things you've read elsewhere?

you probably mistaken me with some poeple on that list that do this.

If you are reading my posts on that list (and maybe others) you know that 
the last thing i do is to repeat and repeat know and popular opinions :)

> I can think of a whole list of reasons why code
> written to target a 64-bit system would be non-trivial to port to 32-bit,

you talk about performance or if it work at all?

i already wrote a lot of programs, and after moving to 64-bit (amd64) only 
one wasn't working just after recompiling, because i assumed that pointer 
is 4 byte long.

do you have any other examples of code non-portability between amd64 and 

I say "between amd64 and i386" because there are more issues with other 
archs, where for example non-aligned memory access is not allowed.

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