reducing Windows Vista to install FreeBSD dual-boot

Matthias Apitz guru at
Wed May 27 12:35:53 UTC 2009

El día Wednesday, May 27, 2009 a las 02:57:10PM +0300, Manolis Kiagias escribió:

> >Concerning EasyBCD, it tries always in unattended mode to boot the damn
> >Vista and not the other FreeBSD partition which I have i 1st place in
> >the boot menu, i.e. if you just switch on the laptop and go for coffee,
> >you will find it Vista booted. :-(
> >  
> There is an option in EasyBCD concerning the default entry to boot. I 
> would tell you the exact location, but due to recent developments 
> (VirtualBox running on FreeBSD) I completely wiped Vista from my laptop 
> ;) I am sure you will find it though.

Ofc, there was this option; thx

> >Is there no way to use the normal FreeBSD boot manager to switch between
> >the partitions to boot?
> >
> >
> >  
> This used to be the case up until XP. Vista's boot loader is very fussy 
> though, and it usually breaks if you do that. For peace of mind I'd 
> recommend against it. Another solution would probably be to not use the 
> boot manger at all but use disk management in Vista and fdisk in FreeBSD 
> to set the active partition each time you need to change. I haven't 
> tried this, but it should work.

well I can now live with the change and it boots FreeBSD by default (I'm
just closing my eyes some seconds after power-on to not have to see the word
Vista :-)) 

I will erase later the Vista in any case.

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