Another uptime story

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed May 27 03:29:49 UTC 2009

Polytropon wrote:
> On Tue, 26 May 2009 23:14:10 -0400, Steve Bertrand <steve at> wrote:
>> ...unfortunately, due to re-racking and upgrade requirements, I have to
>> pull the plug. There is nothing hidden or obfuscated in my output, and I
>> am not ashamed of that.
> Maybe there's a way of patching the uptime utility that it adds
> the previous uptime of the system (since last shutdown) to the
> actual uptime. I know this denies everything uptime stands for,
> let's call it accumulated uptime. :-)

Nah, uptime is uptime. Uptime was never my intention, it just worked.
There have been times recently where the re-racking needed to be done,
but I wasn't able to get it pulled off. Once it's down, thats it.

>> Just a little bit of sadness of having to 'down' it, given this uptime
>> in my relatively hostile environment. *sigh*
> What makes it hostile?

Small ISP, single 240V electrical supply, enough battery for
not-so-long, having to scramble to get the generator in place, etc etc.

>> radius# uptime
>> 11:01PM  up 553 days, 13:38, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
> Can't you wait two days more? Just 48 hours? Then you would
> finish with an uptime of 555 days. Just think about how it
> would be to finish with an uptime of 666 days, of course at
> 6:66 o'clock. =^_^=

...nah, no waiting. I'm not interested in any prestige whatsoever. I
just wanted to share my grief with the rest of the crew on the list ;)

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