Better version of ispell?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Tue May 26 17:19:22 UTC 2009

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 09:39:25AM -0700, Kelly Jones wrote:
> Is there a version/improvment of ispell that:
>  % Lets you exclude certain sections of a file from spellchecking?
>  Example: I often email sendmail logs with their random-character
>  queue ids. I don't want ispell to check those cut/pasted logs.
>  % Lets you declare correctly-spelled words as being incorrect?
>   % Example: I often misspell the word "cron" as "corn"; ispell
>   obviously doesn't catch this. I rarely use the word "corn". 

I've made a file of sed(1) commands to correct common typos, e.g:


After I've typed something, I use sed to correct these frequent mistakes:

sed -i .bak -f mybad.txt file.txt

This will leave the original text in file.txt.bak. Using diff(1) to
compare the altered file and the backup, I can check if things have been
replaced that shouldn't have been, an fix them.

If you are using emacs, you can use flyspell-mode[1] to do spell-checking
with ispell while you are typing.


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