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On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 11:45:53PM +0100, Bruce Cran wrote:
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> > guys,
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> > one thing i need to do before i submit my 600+ page tell-all "novel"
> > is fihure out howto turn *this* into italics in Ooo-3.01.  i don't
> > think any regular publisher world risk this so it;s a roll-you-own.
> > what i submit in doc  [or odt] is what gets published.  i can turn
> > *this* into /this/, but still can't figure out how to have openoffice
> > turn all the words i want italicized into actual italics.
> > 
> > anybody know offhand?
> has
> an example of changing text styles in ODF. It looks like it should be a
> search/replace to add the relevant tags.

	i'm still lost.  i've read the wiki page and don't see anything very
	instructive, and i've found your opendoc url and don't understadn mucg

	my source files, all 66 chapters, are in plain ascii with the asterisks
	indicating italics.  once or twice i did something like

	% swriter ch35

	and some or all of the *words* were boldface.  nornally, OO just printed
	"*words*".  i have a non-public program, atom, that turns acsii into
	markup.  it would turn "Hi *there*" into <left quote>"Hi
	<i>there</i><rightquote> ... so if i can point OO at my html/xtml file
	and wind up with a correct *.odt file, that would work.


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