netbooks vs FreeBSD

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Mon May 25 22:58:41 UTC 2009

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wrote Matthias Apitz thusly...
> > Alexandre "Sunny" Kovalenko escribió:
> > >I did not run FreeBSD on it, so I apologize for slight OT, but
> > >my wife's Samsung NC10 (2.8 lbs, 10.2" screen, 160GB 5400RPM
> > >HDD) is pushing 6 hours of the battery life with the wireless
> > >on and memory upgraded to 2GB. This is under Windows XP HOME
> > >ULCPC though.
> I have a real netbook, an EeePC 900 with 20 GByte SSD, Wifi,
> 1024x600 9" display and an attached USB Huawei E220 dongel for
> UMTS. I have installed 8-CURRENT and all works as it should, only
> the inbuild cam is not supported, but I don't neet this at the
> moment (maybe later when Skype for FreeBSD can do video as well).


What kind of battery life do you get (with and without WIFI use)?

  - Parv


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