Streaming server

Jos Chrispijn jos at
Mon May 25 20:37:47 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> I have some short movies (a la YouTube) that I would like to show as 
>> video streams. Presenting them by download is messing up my bandwidth 
>> (...).
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Can someone tell me if there is a simple solution installing such a 
>> stream service/server into FreeBDS 7.2?
> somehow i can't understand you
> do you mean installing FreeBSD for this will use less bandwidth?
I already have FreeBSD installed. Just wondering if there is a streaming 
server for it.
Hardly can believe that dedicated download (by opening the remote file 
in a media player) will be more efficient that a streaming server that 
takes care of bandwidth throttle and average processing time on (http) 

I want to provide some animated presentations with voice over that have 
been recorded earlier.
> fortunately we have /usr/ports/www/youtube_dl :)
Eh, that sound familiar l-)

thanks for sharing,
Jos Chrispijn

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