FreeBSD & Software RAID

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> I have looked at ZFS recently. Appears to be a memory hog, needs about
> GB especially if large file transfers may occur over gigabit ethernet
while it CAN be set up on 256MB machine with a little big flags in 
loader.conf (should be autotuned anyway) - it generally takes as much 
memory as it's available, and LOTS of CPU power.

with similar operations ZFS takes 10-20 TIMES more CPU than UFS and it's

NOT faster than properly configured UFS. doesn't  make  any sense
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Ok granted this is a server sat in my house and it is not a "mission"
critical server in a large business, personally I have can live with ZFS
taking a bit longer vs resilience. From just looking at my system at the
moment I have 1.8GB of free ram from a total of 4GB.



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